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What are the types of dimmable power supplies?

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Generally, there are three common types of dimming power supplies in the market, namely, thyristor dimming power supplies, 0/1-10V dimming power supplies, Dali dimming power supplies, etc. The following will introduce their respective working principles and advantage.

Triac dimming power supply

Triac dimming is divided into constant voltage dimming and constant current dimming modes, which support leading edge and trailing edge dimming. Its working principle is to generate a tangential waveform by cutting the input voltage waveform through the conduction angle. Output voltage waveform. Applying the tangential principle can reduce the effective value of the output voltage of the thyristor dimmer, thereby reducing the power of ordinary loads (resistive loads). The advantages of thyristor dimming are high working efficiency and stable performance.

0/1-10V dimming power supply

0/1-10V dimming is divided into constant voltage dimming and constant current dimming modes. The power supply is designed with a new control chip. When connected to a 0-10V dimmer, the output current is changed through the 0-10V voltage change, for example : When the 0-10V dimmer is adjusted to 0V, the current drops to 0, and the light brightness is also turned off (with a light-on function). When the 0-10V dimmer is adjusted to the maximum 10V, the output current will also reach the power output 100%, the brightness will also be 100% (the output voltage is unchanged). 1-10V has no switching function and cannot turn off the lamp to the lowest level. The advantage of the 0/1-10V dimming power supply is its strong compatibility and compatibility with various 0-10V dimmers and control systems on the market.

Dali dimmable power supply

Dali dimming power supply is divided into constant voltage dimming and constant current dimming modes. DALI dimming is a digital technology control. Dali abbreviation: digital addressable lighting interface, with dual-stage PFC correction, high conversion efficiency and stability Strong; circuit design complies with international certification standard EMC guidelines, based on ST chip integrated design, integrated solution, simple and convenient wiring! Seamlessly compatible with domestic and foreign DALI dimmers and DALI control systems, standardized protocol solutions! DALI features system terminal control Accurate point-to-point control of lights, DALI dimming. Each LED light will have an independent address, which can communicate in two directions. The system can identify the ID of each power supply; it can use a signal line to connect all the lamps and then group them arbitrarily. Control can bring a lot of flexibility to the control. Combined with its sensors, timing control can bring significant energy-saving effects. As long as it is supported by the system, the DALI power supply can give the system feedback on precise fault points; the port is easier to connect to the Internet to achieve remote monitoring.

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