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The difference between Isolated and Non-isolated power supply

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Isolated and Non-isolated power supply are both commonly used power supplies in electronic circuits. They can convert alternating current into direct current for use by electronic devices. However, in practical applications, there are big differences in the performance characteristics of isolated and non-isolated power supply.

Isolated power supply:

Isolated power supply refers to reducing high voltage to low voltage through a transformer and rectifying it into direct current. Because the conversion process is not connected to the ground, there is no risk of electric shock. It is safer in application, but the design is more complicated than a non-isolated power supply.


1. High safety

2. Strong anti-interference ability

3. Easy to realize boost conversion and multiple outputs

4. Wide input voltage range


1. Low conversion efficiency

2. Larger in size

3. Complex design and high cost

Application occasions:

1. In situations where the environment is poor,the power supply needs to have strong anti-interference and ensure its reliability, so an isolation module is selected;

2. For remote industrial communication, in order to reduce the impact of potential difference and wire interference, an isolated power supply is selected;

3. For occasions with high safety, isolated power modules must be used;

4. For equipment that requires power supply with high quality, use an isolated power supply.

Non-isolated power supply

Non-isolated power supply means that the input and output are directly connected through electronic components. The difference between isolated and non-isolated power supply is the presence or absence of a LED driver transformer.

Advantages of non-isolated power supply:

1. High conversion efficiency

2. Small size

3. Easy to design and low cost

Disadvantages of non-isolated power supply:

1. Low security

2. Poor anti-interference ability

3. It is difficult to achieve boost conversion and multiple outputs

4. The input voltage range is low

Application occasions:

1. Powered by IC or part of the circuit in the circuit board,non-isolated power supply should be selected based on cost performance and size;

2. It is powered by batteries, which has strict requirements on battery life. Choose a non-isolated power supply.

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