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The difference between COB light strips and led light strips

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What is a COB light strip?

COB is the abbreviation of Chip on Board, which translates as chip packaging technology. COB light source is a high-efficiency integrated surface light source technology in which LED chips are directly attached to high-reflectivity mirror metal substrates. This technology eliminates the concept of brackets and is more efficient than LED lights. A more advanced and eye-friendly light.

What is the LED light strip?

LED light strips are products that encapsulate a single LED chip on a light strip. According to different packaging methods, LED light strips can be divided into two types: SMD and DIP. SMD (Surface Mounted Devices) is a packaging method that directly welds the LED chip to the surface of the circuit board. It is usually smaller in size, while DIP (Dual In-line Package) is a method that packages the LED chip in a dual-row in-line package. , larger in size, suitable for low-brightness applications.

Compare the specific differences between the two led strips

Packaging technology

The packaging technology of COB light strips is more complicated than that of LED light strips. COB light strips integrate multiple LED chips on a circuit board, while LED light strips encapsulate a single LED chip in a lamp bead. The finished light strip is realized by splicing multiple lamp beads.

Light uniformity

COB light strips integrate multiple LED chips and can concentrate light into a smaller area, thus achieving more uniform light. The light of LED strips is dispersed on multiple lamp beads, and there may be uneven light between different lamp beads.


Since COB light strips integrate multiple LED chips together, they are brighter than a single LED chip, and the brightness of COB light strips will also be affected by factors such as the number and size of integrated LED chips.

Heat dissipation

The packaging structure of COB light strips is relatively complex, making heat dissipation more difficult than LED light strips. If the COB light strip does not dissipate heat well, its lifespan may be affected.

Application scenarios

COB light strips are more suitable for scenes that require high brightness and uniform light, such as large commercial billboards, exhibitions, stage performances, etc. LED light strips have a wider range of applications. They can be used in small scenes such as home decoration, background walls, and cabinet lighting, as well as in large-scale scenes such as building exterior wall decoration and road lighting.

Futlight specializes in providing COB light strips and ordinary light strips. Based on the above analysis, the choice of which light strip to choose can be based on the actual application scenario and needs. If you are interested, you can learn more through the link, which will definitely bring you different surprises.

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