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What is the COB Spotlight ?

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What is the COB Spotlight ?

COB spotlight refers to a spotlight that uses a light source called COB LED as the light source. The light sources of traditional spotlights generally use halogen lamps and high-power LED lamps. Halogen lamps have a relatively low luminous rate and consume more power. The temperature of the illuminated environment will rise and the service life is also relatively short; on the other hand, large The local light effect of high-power LED lights is too strong, the light spots are uneven, and there are dark spots. In terms of the principle of light emission, energy saving and environmental protection of LED lights.

The difference between cob spotlights and ordinary spotlights

  1. The luminous efficiency of the light source of cob spotlights can reach 80 Lm/w. There are a variety of color temperatures to choose from. Their color rendering index is high and their color rendering properties are good; at the same time, they emit evenly and softly without ghosting. The angle is wide, there is no glare, and it does not hurt the eyes.
  2. Cob spotlights are a packaging method of LED light sources. Therefore, cob spotlights are also LED spotlights. Generally, the luminous efficiency of COB using Taiwanese chips is 65~80lm/W. The greater the power, the lower the luminous efficiency. The lower.
  3. The advantage of cob spotlights is that cob spotlights can be driven using low-voltage direct current. They have small load, weak interference, and relatively low environmental requirements for use. COB spotlights can better control the composition of the spectrum, so they can be well used for local or accent lighting. COB spotlights have very strong illumination directivity, lower brightness attenuation than traditional light sources, and their prices are very affordable. The response time of cob spotlights is very fast. They light up immediately as soon as the switch is turned on, without any delay or flickering. The light energy of COB spotlights is highly concentrated, concentrated within the wavelength window, and has relatively high purity. The COB has a very long life, ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 hours. COB spotlights are environmentally friendly. They do not need to add “mercury” during the production process and do not need to be inflated. They have good impact resistance and shock resistance, are easy to transport, and are very environmentally friendly. COB spotlights are very energy-saving. The spectrum of COB spotlights is almost entirely concentrated in the visible light band, and its luminous efficiency can reach 80 to 90%.

Choice of cob spotlights and led spotlights

  1. COB spotlights and LED spotlights have their own advantages. COB spotlights combine the advantages of LED spotlights. They have good light concentration, are easy to produce, and have relatively better light effects.
  2. LED spotlights are mounted on the surface with light-emitting diodes, which have the characteristics of a large light-emitting angle, which can reach 120 to 160 degrees, high efficiency, good precision, low false soldering rate, light weight, small size, etc. The light source of COB spotlights means that the chips are directly bound and packaged on the entire substrate, and the chips are integrated together on the substrate for packaging. This effect is mainly used to solve the problem of manufacturing high-power LED spotlights with low-power chips. Disperse chip heat dissipation, improve light efficiency, and improve the glare effect of LED lights. COB has high luminous flux density, less glare, soft light, and can emit a uniformly distributed light surface.

Advantages of 3cob spotlights

  1. The light source of cob spotlights allows people’s eyes to be very well protected, especially the eyes of myopic friends.
  2. The daily electricity bill is low, saving energy and saving the cost of producing and using electricity.
  3. The installation of cob spotlights is very simple and takes less time.
  4. The light source of cob spotlights is the best cob light source at present, and it is also the mainstream trend of the development of my country’s lighting era at present and in the future.
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