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Traditional LED strips are no longer popular, COB LED strips are the future?

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Among the various lighting designs that are currently popular, the demand for LED strips is undoubtedly the highest. The light strip can well show the layering of the light, making the space environment more soft and emotional, and also give people a comfortable mood.

As a linear lighting product, light strips are widely used in the lighting field. With the continuous updating and iteration of lighting products, new products emerge in endlessly. Conventional low-voltage LED light strips use SMT chip technology to weld the lamp beads on the circuit board, and then use external glue dripping, glue injection, silicone sleeves, PU sleeves, etc. to achieve different waterproof levels. The market is mature, with rich categories, transparent prices, and fierce competition in the entire market.

In recent years, COB light strips have appeared on the market. The technology has been improved, and the chip flip-chip process is adopted to package the LED chips on the circuit board, and then directly realize different luminous colors through silica gel coating. In the form of high-density lamp beads.

As a linear lighting product, the COB light strip has the characteristics of linear light emission, good uniformity of light emission, environmental protection and energy saving, and can replace some conventional low-voltage LED light strips. In addition, the COB soft light strip also has electrical stability, circuit design, The optical design and heat dissipation design are scientific and reasonable, and the advantages of heat sink technology are adopted to improve the lighting quality.

Conventional SMD light strips have fewer lamp beads, and there are dark spots in the middle. COB strips usually use high-density lamp beads with 480LED, and the luminous brightness and uniformity have been greatly improved. At present, COB strips are in the growth stage, and production Enterprises also pay more attention to product research and development to ensure better performance of their COB strips. As the main production place of light strips, Shenzhen, Zhongshan and Jiangmen have many enterprises involved in the production of COB strips one after another!

The COB strip products produced by MiBoxer abandon the traditional glue dropping technology and adopt the patented technology of silicone extrusion. The products produced have the characteristics of smooth appearance, strong flexibility and good waterproof performance. The stability of COB products is guaranteed to the greatest extent, and the manufacturing cost is effectively reduced. Traditional conventional LED light strips have a long development cycle and a mature market, while COB light strips have a short development cycle. From a short-term development point of view, their production cost is not as obvious as that of traditional light strips. However, with the continuous maturity of its production technology and With the continuous improvement of the supporting industry chain, COB light strips will occupy a place in the linear lighting market.


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