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Can one remote control the whole house?

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When you live in a big house or a big villa, does every living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, study room, balcony and other rooms need to be controlled by a separate remote control? Or do you need to buy multiple remote controls to complete your project during all projects, do you think that’s complicated and troublesome?

Considering your troubles, our existing grouped remote control can solve this problem! When the single group of lamps in your home or in a certain project reaches 99 groups (no more than 100 groups), each group can hold countless controllers or lights, as long as the distance between the remote control and the controller/light is within 30M, you only need to use a 100-group group remote control, you can perfectly control all the lamps; when you press the group button, you can control a certain lamp individually, and other lights won’t be affected; if you press the group button, you can control all lights; the remote control can control the lights’ color, color temperature, brightness, saturation, scene mode, etc.

PS: A remote control can control countless controllers or lights within 30M, and there is auto transmitting & Synchronization function between each controller and lights.

This is a new functional control product capable of unified control of multiple areas. The 100-group remote control has an LCD display that can display dimming data in real time. It has the function of copying, copying the remote control that has been coded, and can directly control the lamps. The system consists of two parts, a radio frequency remote control and a receiver, to realize the integrated control of lights in multiple areas within the effective distance, and to meet the market’s increasingly high requirements for LED lighting environment control.

For more unlocking of the new 100-group remote control, please see the detailed explanation in the video.

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