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What is stepless dimming?

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Stepless dimming is an advanced dimming technology in the field of lighting, which aims to achieve smooth and continuous changes in the brightness of the light source to meet different lighting needs. Different from the traditional segmental dimming, the stepless dimming technology achieves precise and stepless brightness changes by finely adjusting the current or voltage. This technology has been widely used in many fields such as home, business, industry and public places.

Principle and Implementation

The core of stepless dimming technology is to realize the smooth adjustment of brightness by adjusting the rate of change of light source current or voltage. Traditional segmental dimming is to change the current flow direction by switching different resistors or switches, thereby controlling the brightness of the light source, but this can easily lead to obvious jumps in brightness. The stepless dimming uses an advanced electronic control system to make the light source produce smooth brightness changes through continuous and small current or voltage adjustments, avoiding obvious jumps.

Realizing stepless dimming technology requires the light source itself to have dimming performance, such as using dimmable LED drivers or electronic dimming devices. These devices can control the luminous intensity of the LED by adjusting the voltage or current according to the external signal, so as to realize the effect of stepless dimming.

At present, all products of our MiBoxer have adopted stepless dimming and have been widely concerned and applied in the field of lighting.

The advantages and applications of stepless dimming are as follows:

  • Precise control of brightness: The stepless dimming technology can realize the precise adjustment of the light source, meet the lighting needs of different scenes and tasks, and create a more comfortable environment.
  • Smooth change of brightness: Compared with the traditional dimming method, the stepless dimming can realize the smooth transition of brightness, reduce the stimulation of the light source brightness jump to human eyes, and improve the comfort of lighting.
  • Energy efficiency improvement: Since the stepless dimming technology can adjust the brightness of the light source according to actual needs, avoid unnecessary energy consumption, thereby realizing the effective use of energy and reducing energy consumption costs.
  • Extend lamp life: The light source avoids frequent switching during the stepless dimming process, thereby reducing the wear and tear of the lamp and prolonging the service life of the lamp.
  • Diversified lighting effects: Stepless dimming technology can not only adjust the brightness, but also create a variety of color temperature and color effects, which enriches the expression of lighting.
  • Stepless dimming technology has broad application prospects in various fields. In the home, the brightness of the lights can be adjusted according to different time and activities to create a comfortable living environment for users. In commercial and industrial places, stepless dimming technology can improve lighting effects and bring better visual experience to shops, offices and other places. In addition, in the lighting design of public places, stepless dimming technology can also create more artistic and attractive light and shadow effects.

Please click this link to view the video stepless dimming effect:https://youtu.be/nA6Fa1rtv8Y

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