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Why LED lights turn on automatically after a power outage?

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As we know, LED lights often be used in our daily life, many normal led lights are not dimmable. Users would like to wire dimmable LED dimmer with those lights.There are various LED dimmer resources on the market. How do we choose best led control solution?

For example, we usually wire LED controller with strip light, dim brightness or color temperature or color by remote control and smart phone APP control. We realized that some LED controllers can not control led strip light in correct way. For example,turn off led strip light by remote or APP before leaving home and enjoy long trip, everything looks great, you found that your house is lighting once finished your strip. What is going on there ?

LED remote and APP only send “OFF” command to LED controller, the main power can not be cut off while controller received signal from remote or APP. Simply speaking, LED controller still have power from main power source. The controller will be activated again after a power outage, former command will be useless, that’s why your lights turn on automatically. Is there any control solution to solve current problem? The answer is “Yes”. MiBoxer is specialized in LED control solution for many years,brand is famous in Europe. All our LED controller have “Do Not Disturb” function, please review following picture to have better understanding about it.

“Do not disturb” Explanation

Why should Miboxer update all product with “Do Not Disturb” function?

Negative feedback comes from many different end users.

The light should be always “OFF” if we use RF remote to turn off light.

But everything is going to be changed once we meet power failure issue. The light will turn on automatically even we turned off it by RF remote before leaving home.

Activating “Do Not Disturb”, power failure won’t cause any problem for light status.

Power on

Turn off light via RF remote before leaving home.

Power outage

Suddenly we meet power failure problem in our street.

Power on

The light will be on randomly if don’t have “Do Not Disturb” function.

Power on

The light will keep same function “OFF” while we leave home if we activate “Do Not Disturb”.


If user want to turn on light via wall switch, please turn on and turn off switch dual times or you can use RF remote to turn on directly.

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