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NN Lighting from Belgium visited MiBoxer

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Customer Background: Belgium Distributor
Factory visit time: 12/06/2023
The purpose of visiting the factory: to visit the factory/discuss cooperation and development intention

1. the first meeting

The customer arrived in China on 10/06/2023, which happened to be during the exhibition period, so I made an appointment with the customer in advance to meet at the exhibition. The customer was very talkative, and the first time we met, we talked about the feeling of coming to China for the first time. Due to the language barrier, he asked passers-by for directions and all the feelings left a good impression on the customer, and expressed that he likes the customs of China, etc., the first meeting to understand that the main purpose of the customer’s visit to China this time is to visit our factory and discuss the further development intention of cooperation.

2. Visit the factory

The customer arrives at the factory on 12/06/2023. First, take the customer to visit the factory(office area/engineering department/production line/quality department/warehouse, etc.) and carefully explain to the customer the departments and operating areas involved in the whole process from R&D to packaging and shipment. Customers have also been feedbacking that they attach great importance to product quality and R&D processes, etc., and are very satisfied with our company’s introduction.

3. Invite customers to have a lunch

After knowing that the customer has no special requirements or taboos for food, We invited the customer to a specialty Hunan restaurant and ordered the blood duck / troublesome hot pot / special yellow bone fish, etc. It was surprising that the customer liked spicy food very much and praised the dishes. He said that he would like to visit China many times if he had the opportunity.

4. Further cooperation and development intention

After discussing our company’s marketing ideas in Belgium with the customer, we hope that the customer can become a Belgian Top A distributor and give the customer the greatest support in terms of new product promotion / product quality / product development / price. Based on the solid foundation of cooperation between the two parties, both parties agreed More motivation to promote the Miboxer brand to the world! At the same time, the customer also expressed that he is very satisfied with our products and the proposed solutions. He attaches great importance to the growth of both parties and has plans to make the Miboxer brand bigger, whether it is local or developed to other countries. He said that he will start organizing intensive marketing and all sales as soon as possible after returning to Belgium. and organize the marketing department to plan marketing activities and make communication plans for MiBoxer products.

Since the customer had to catch a flight back to Belgium from Hong Kong that night, and finally took photos with the customer and helped the customer arrange a car to back to HK, the follow-up customer expressed his gratitude for everything received that day!

NN Lighting
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We'll get back on the proposal that you sent to us yesterday but already we express our respect, enthusiasm and gratitude for a deepening and intensive collaboration between NN Light and MiBoxer. I also thank you and Jesson for the warm and professional hospitality during my visit last week !
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