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2 in 1 LED Controller Kits (2.4GHz)

• Compatible with Mi-Light / MiBoxer 2.4GHz series remote
• Control Distance: 30m
• Brightness and color temperature adjustable
• Switching 2 output mode via one button (Single color / Dual white)

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2 in 1 LED Controller Kits (2.4GHz)

Switching 2 output mode  Adjustable CCT & Brightness  PUSH dimming Signal auto transmitting

Product Parameters
Color temperature adjustable
Brightness adjustable, smooth transition without flicker

Switching 2 output mode via one button

Single Color \ Dual White

Equipped with sunrise remote

Adopt 2.4G wireless transmitting technology, with strong anti-interference, long distance transmission; Control distance 30m; easier operation

Support Push dimmable

Stepless dimming, without any screen flickering

One click:turn on/off lights
Long press:increase/decrease brightness (Long press and release, then long press to change)
PWM high frequency / low frequency

High frequency / low frequency can be switched

Signal transmitting

One lighting fixtures can transmit the signals from the remote control to another lighting fixtures within 30m, as long as there is a lighting fixtures within 30m, the remote control distance can be limitless.

LED Controller
Signal transmitting
Distance 30m
LED Controller
. . .
Support smartphone app control and third party voice control (It need 2.4GHz gateway)
Simple and stylish

Smaller, Thinner and lighter

Magnetic base holder for easy installation

Stronger magnetic holder for easy taking out and put back

LED light interface

Classic PC material high quality

Two power interfaces

Wiring port / DC5.5*2.1

SET button

• Press ” SET ” button 1 time to activate linking mode
• Press ” SET ” button continuously to change output mode

2.4G Sunrise Remote (Color temperature)

Touch Ring: Brightness, color temperature, use together. (It turns to adjust brightness by default if remote is not operated for 3 seconds)

User Manual

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