Lithium Battery

"Lithium battery" is a lithium metal or alloy as anode material of lithium battery,.1912 lithium metal batteries using the nonaqueous electrolyte solution first by Gilbert n. Lewis is proposed and studied.20 century in 70s, M. S. Whittingham proposed and began the study of lithium ion battery. Because the chemical properties of lithium metal is very lively. The lithium metal processing, preservation, use of environmental requirements is very high. So, the lithium battery has not been used. With the development of science and technology, now has become the mainstream of the lithium battery. Lithium batteries can be divided into two categories: lithium metal batteries and lithium ion batteries. Lithium ion battery does not contain metal state the lithium, and is charging the rechargeable battery. The fifth generation products of lithium metal batteries was born in 1996, its safety, capacity, self discharge rate and performance price ratio are better than that of lithium ion batteries because of its high. Technical requirements are limited, and now only a few countries in the production of the company's lithium battery 
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