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I received this charger for review from Miboxer. First off I want to say that I've never done a review before and I don't have the knowledge or equipment that HJK has so I'll give my honest opinions on this product. The last cylindrical cell lithium ion charger I had was an Xtar wp2 so it's been a while as it broke ~3 years ago and I use an Imax B6. Anyway on to the review.

From Manufacturer: Compatible with all batteries Li-ion(4.2V/4.35V) / Lifepo4(3.6V) / IMR / INR / ICR NIMH / NICD(1.48V)
Individual Charging Slot Control
Safe Protection: With protection function for reverse, short circuit, battery charging automatically, stop when full, -Delta V
Capacity and resistance detection
Available for car charging

Ok in the box you get the charger, AC power cord (charger has built in PS so no wall wort just a standard two prong plug which can support from 86-265vAC) and a small cradle to help support AAA and smaller cells. Also comes with a small fold out pamphlet as a manual. The writing is quite small and can be difficult to read for some of the more experienced members of the forum. 

It supports 12DC PS as well but does not come with a cigarette lighter adaptor. Take a standard 12V laptop power supply or my hobby charger adaptor to hook to car battery so any lighter socket adaptor with that end on it should work fine.When you insert a cell it automatically detects whether its a lithium or nickel cell and after about ten seconds will start charging. At any time during the charge or before it starts pushing the mode button will toggle between current selection and battery chemistry. You can choose between 4.2V,4.35V, and 3.6V. Also you can choose between high and low current. For lithium cells high current is 800ma and low is 350ma. For Nickel cells high is 300ma and low is 150ma. The display will only show one slot at a time and gives voltage, current, and time. The far right slot will also do a charge/discharge/charge cycle. Discharge is at 400 or 200ma depending on your selection. Also as soon as you place battery in this slot it takes about ten seconds to do an internal resistance test. I'm not sure how accurate it is as it's not very consistent even with the same cell just by testing same cell multiple times.

OK in use it works quite well for lithium charging. I charged a couple Efest 18350's a couple IMR 18650's, and 2 Lifepo4 18650's and the IMR cells all terminated at 4.19V. The lifepo4 cells came off at 3.6 and steadily dropped as they do.

I did a charge/discharge/charge cycle on a lifepo4 cell. It charges at 800ma and discharges at 400ma. This only works in the right slot

On NIMH cells I was able to charge 2 AA Maha Imedions at 300ma. They took 6H22m to charge and they went in at 1.2V.

This charger has a built in "lithium battery restoration" which is for a deeply discharged cell and is supposed to bring the voltage up gently. I have a sony VTC6 which I found in a battery recycle box that was at 0V. So I gave it a try. It started the charge in NIMH mode at 150ma. Once the cell reached 1.6V it switched to li ion mode at 300ma. Once the cell reached 3.6V it switched to the full 800ma until CV part of the charge and finished normally. Don't get me wrong this cell is toast but it can do it and it uses quite gentle current steps to do it.

OK so a summary.
This seems to be a nice well built charger. Nice big screen with large characters. Seems strudy and well built out of quality plastic.Auto detects and can charge every chemistry but NIZN and can fit cells from 10340 to 26650 including C cells
Lowest charge current of 350ma is a bit high for the really small lithium cells and 800ma is a bit low especially for 26650's but isn't unsafe. Since I charge all my cells at 1A this isn't that far off and if I need to hammer a cell with current my hobby charger can do that.
NIHM charging is where I see a problem with this charger. 300ma as the high current is just not enough. I'm not even sure if 300ma will cause a -Delta peak at the end because it's so low on a AA NIMH cell and takes 6+ hours. On a C cell it would take about 18H to charge and would probably overcharge as it's just a trickle charge at that rate.
I really like the cycle setting for keeping an eye on your cells capacity test is nice and it records the discharge capacity. I never caught the cutoff on discharge so I can't say what it discharges down to.
I like that it will slow and gently charge a deeply depleted cell and apparently also has a program designed to reset a protection pcb. I don't have any protected cells so I couldn't test that.
Has an IR test but it isn't very consistent.
Has a very nice screen and gives the user all the info he/she needs. Only shows one slot at a time but that's fine as it can use larger characters that way and charging slots is just a button press away.

So would I buy this with my very own money?
Honestly I like this charger. Its intuitive and easy to use. It charges all my lithium batteries and can even do 4.35V cells even though I don't have any. It has a 3 year warranty. It seems to use a true CC/CV charging algorithm. Depending on retail price(~$30 I'd be happy but I don't know the retail price) it would be a good lithium ion charger. It doesn't get overly warm. That's the caveat though. If I was looking for an all in one charger to do all my lithium ion and all my NIMH I think I'd look elsewhere. And it's really too bad that a good charger has a 300ma max charging rate for NIMH cells. AAA's fine. AA and C's though it's just too low and I'd be worried of overcharging because of no -Delta at that charge rate. I don't know how much my Imedions got but 6.3H x 300ma is 1890mah. Without doing a full cycle which would take 2 days I just don't know for sure

So to wrap up this is a good charger for a companies first entrance into a quite saturated marketplace. Bump the max charge rate on NIMH setting to 1.5-2A for charging C cells but at least 1A rate.
Bump the li ion the same for 26650 cells
I personally would like an audible tone to let the user know when charging is complete.
And since the charger is capable of being charged in a car include the car charger cable.

I have no affiliation with Miboxer. I was sent a couple copies for review and I gave the best and honest review I could. Thank you for looking.
I apologise for the sideways pictures. I'm not sure why that happened. If I left any info out let me know and I'll do my best to provide it

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