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Best Choice For Garden Lighting

Release Date:2017-04-05

Mi light RGB+CCT Flood light –your best choice for Garden lighting

Garden lighting need high quality waterproof grade and beautiful color lighting performance. Mi light can do that all.

Milight RGB+CCT Flood lighting

High watwaterproof grade is ideal for outdoor ,project lighting and garden landscape

Full white color range give a full optional from different aera deamdn; Wireless remote control ensure easy operation with wide distance.

Great control quality

Auto Transfer make it ideal for long distance lighting performance trasnfer especially for outdoor building where there is a great demand for surrounding environment;

Advanced automatic Sync- All lighting performance build in with sync function to decorate ur garden without manual setting.

Want to get acquainted with milight and our latest high power flood lighting solutions? you can call us at +86-(0)755-61176580 or drop us a line at sales@futlight.com.