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  • Eligibility for application

    Has published reviews of chargers on websites, forums, social media platforms, etc., and agrees to complete evaluation reports within 3 weeks of receiving samples and publish reports on at least 2 websites or media platforms。

  • We are looking for partners

    1. Online fill out the "MiBoxer evaluation activities application form" (We will review your submission within 5 business days);
    2. We will notify you by mail and send you samples;
    3. Please complete the evaluation within 3 weeks after receiving the sample and write the evaluation report;
    4. Publish your evaluation report on at least 2 websites or media platforms;
    5. The website links and your evaluation report to provide us with to do the record。

  • We provide support

    Together with our partners, we are responsible for developing the market and provide our partners with a full range of marketing support, including brand advertising support, promotional support, and technical support. The company set up quarterly, annual awards to a variety of ways to distribute to dealers。

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